The environment and its fair treatment is something I am very passionate about. 

From the very start of my business it was clear that AHNE would be a brand that has the environment at its heart. Being a 100% green business is something I strive to and even though I might not be there just yet, I am working relentlessly towards this goal.


Wondering who made your jewellery… well... I did! 
Every piece of jewellery you buy from AHNE was build, finished and packaged by me in my little studio in South London. 


Conventional jewellery production involves many chemicals, acids and environmentally damaging substances that ease and speed up labour, but harm our planet. 
For the production of AHNE jewellery only environmentally safe methods are used. The UK offers a bounty of eco friendly alternatives for jewellers that keep both the worker and the planet healthy. Yes, it takes a little longer and it might not always be most  convenient, but it feels great to run a clean business.


The Gemstones we use are provided by ethical UK gemstone suppliers, who make sure that the processing and cutting of the gems is done in controlled environments with modern employment laws in place. This eliminates the issues of exploitation and ensures humane treatment.
I trust my suppliers to keep their ethical promise and will not purchase Gemstones that raise even the slightest doubts.


I work with recycled metals wherever possible. Whenever I mention Eco Silver or Eco Gold on this website, I mean 100% recycled metal. 
The use of gold filled material was a conscious decision to keep my jewellery affordable and long lasting. Gold Filled jewellery will last a life time and beyond if taken care of properly.
You can find out more about gold fill on the FAQ page.


AHNE packaging is recyclable.
Earrings and rings come in packaging that is compostable. High five if you’re one of those awesome humans that compost! 
The packaging for necklaces and bracelets are not yet completely plastic free. They come in a cardboard box that contains jewellery foam, which protects the items from getting tangled and scratched during transport. I am looking for alternatives to the transport problem, so if you have any ideas I would be over the moon to hear from you! 
The parcels your jewellery arrives in are made from Kraft Paper and the tissue included is acid free and 100% recycled. 
PLEASE re-use and recycle AHNE packaging whenever you can.
If you have any suggestions on how to make AHNE greener, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always searching to improve my business.